ML as a Service

Our machine learning expertise can help your organization quickly extract value without the time or investment of a full in-house team. If you already have a full team and still struggle with proving out ROI we can help.

Our approach

Pragmatic > Theoretical
While we love math and research, we've found that the vast majority of improvements to quality predictions stems from high quality data engineering and feature engineering.
Ecosystem > Platform
With so much innovation, marrying your business to a single monolithic data platform will prevent you from getting the benefits of all the latest innovation everywhere else.
We combine the best tools and technologies, and follow the Unix philosophy of "do one thing, and do it well".
Pipelines > Stand-alone models
Models are not build-once-and-leave, but must be retrained. For that, we build automated pipelines which do data extraction, transformation, feature-extraction, and model building on a recurring basis.



Ellijay,GA and Miami,FL