Leadership Team

We make machine learning profitable.

  • Wes Madrigal


    Wes's biggest focus for his career has data science and MLOps. He played the leading role in establishing the Data Science team at Affinitiv, and got the company from no ML product integration to widespread adoption. Wes has experience translating stakeholder business KPIs into machine learning actionables. He also co-authored the App Platform used to build Tranzee.

  • Caleb Madrigal


    Caleb has over 20 years of experience writing software. His specialties are in math-intenstive applications as well as cybersecurity. Caleb has spoken at a number of conferences such as DEF CON, OSCON, Deep Sec, Cyphercon, Thotcon, and several others. He co-authored the app platform used to build ¡liisto! and Tranzee. For fun, Caleb does art with math at https://gods.art.




Ellijay, GA (near Atlanta, GA)