Machine Learning++

Our machine learning expertise can help your organization quickly extract value without the time or investment of a full in-house team. If you already have a full team and still struggle with proving out ROI we can help.

Where are you on the Data Sophistication spectrum?

  • 1. No data collection
    • We may not be the right partner for this stage.
  • 2. Disparate data sources
    • We can help you ETL and Warehouse your data, as well as set up the infrastructure needed to quickly build and deploy machine learning models.
  • 3. Data consolidated/warehoused (e.g. RDS, Snowflake, etc)
    • We can help build the data engineering and model running infrastructure.
  • 4. Auto tools (AutoML, Qlik, Tableau, etc)
    • We can help you select the best tools and services for your needs, and help integrate them.
  • 5. Basic Custom ML
    • We can help.
  • 6. Advanced Custom ML (Neural Nets, RNNs, etc)
    • We can help.
  • 7. Cutting Edge (e.g. Google Brain, OpenAI)
    • We may not be able to help here, but chances are, you probably don't need this either.


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